3 Different Ways Tradies Can Upsell Using simPRO Software

Written by Modus Operandi

When it comes to upselling, we know most of the business owners and operators we work with tend to recoil away from the very mention of the word.

After all, tradies and contractors are known for being upfront and honest with their customers, so why would they invest their time into a sales tactic that cheapens their appearance?

Here at MO, we think a little differently.

We’re actually fans of the upsell, the concept itself is a perfectly ethical and innocent process.

The bottom line of upselling is this: you’re offering additional products or services to the customer, and adding value to the sale. Nothing more, nothing less.

Tradies can (and should!) capitalise on this initiative in their businesses.

Upselling, when done right, shows customers you’re committed to offering the best value, meaning it won’t just improve your bottom line, but your client relationships and reviews too.

When approached with the right attitude, and tools to support the process, many tradies and business owners will find that their customers respond positively to upselling.

The key to getting it right is being prepared.

Whether it’s on-site, or in the office, your team needs to be genuine in the way they approach the topic, and ready to have a sales-based conversation no matter the location.

Having the right systems and tools is the best way to enable your team. Staff can use them to give examples, offer options and share as much detail as possible with the customer.

simPRO is a commonly-used software, but a relatively unknown upselling asset.

As specialist implementers of tradie business software, we know simPRO is a popular tool being used to support day-to-day operational workflows.

So, today we wanted to share some of the features you can use in simPRO to build a valuable and ethical upselling process. Check them out below.

     1.  Add visual aids to show customers exactly what they’re getting

Avoid confusion (and confrontation!) by enabling your staff to show customers exactly what additional features or products they could be getting when upselling.

The Quote and Sales module in simPRO Mobile enables businesses to include imagery of items when quoting, adding a powerful and honest layer to the upselling process.


     2. Cater to customer needs by offering a range of pricing options

Offering options that vary in pricing and/or product in a single quote is a great way to make your upselling process more customer-friendly. It shows you’re keeping their limits/needs in mind.

The multi-tiered quoting feature in simPRO Mobile gives you the ability to offer different options to your customer in a single quote that can either be approved on-site or reviewed via email.


    3.  Reduce pressure by sending quotes to customers so they can think on it

One of the best ways to provide a genuine upsell is to remove the pressure of decision-making on the spot. Offering to email a quote is a great way to get your foot in the door, but ensure the customer still feels in control.

simPRO Mobile’s Quote and Sales Module has great support for this function, with the ability to design a visually-supported, multi-tiered quote and email it to the customer in just a few clicks.

Reckon you’re ready to design and implement an upselling process in your business?


As experts in creating and customising workflows in simPRO, and upskilling staff so they are confident in the field, we’re ready to help you build a brilliant upselling strategy.

Our crew of simPRO specialists are ready and waiting to give you a hand, all you need to do is give us a call on 1300 446 682 or click here to visit our website.