3 simPRO Reports To Use In Performance Reviews

Written by Modus Operandi

Performance reviews in the trades can be tough, unless you’re armed with data to help you identify pain points and work on solutions.

This is where having a job management software, like simPRO, comes in handy. Well-designed systems like these offer a range of reports to help you break down the work ethic of your team.

If you’re a simPRO user, you’re going to want to make sure you’ve got the following reports in your repertoire when it comes to working on your staff’s development. 


      1. The Job Productivity Report

This report breaks down job costs (think labour hours, materials used, etc) per employee to determine how they are performing in your business and with KPIs.

The key to this report being effective is ensuring that your staff are recording accurate and consistent data with each job they complete.

Without this, your data can become skewed, inaccurate and basically unusable in your performance reviews, leaving you unable to properly define where employees are at.


      2. The Commission Report

This report shows you the commission employees have made per job, and is best used in measuring the performance of sales staff.

As with any reporting function in software, you need to ensure that all the right information is being captured in the system, without it, you can’t correctly review a performance.

For this report to work, you’ll need to enter a Commission Rate when you nominate an employee as a Salesperson in their employee card file.


      3. The Schedule Breakdown Report

This report collects and collates employee activity in a detailed format which enables you to see how and where they’re spending their time.

To make this report as effective as possible, we recommend using the simPRO Mobile app to enable your staff to correctly and consistently record their time.

With this data, you can sit down with employees and take a look at where most of their time is going, and discuss how it could be better spent as well as other ways to improve performance.


If you haven’t used reporting in simPRO before, some setup may be required...


To actually be able to use these reports, you need to make sure you’re capturing the right information to populate them.

So, it’s a good idea to have a chat with a simPRO specialist to understand what data-capturing tasks you’ll need to incorporate into staff members’ workflows.

Once you’ve got the right processes in place, getting the data for your performance review is as simple as running the report before meeting with your employee and printing out the results!


What about capturing other data sets that reflect the performance of employees?


Most of simPRO’s reporting features are already designed to capture and compare specific sets of data. However, they have released a customisable solution for those wanting more.

BI Reporting is simPRO’s flagship tool for custom report building. It enables simPRO users to extract the data that they want from their simPRO build.

This powerful tool means you can create your own customised reports, as well as dashboards and data visualisations to assist you in reviewing your team’s performance.


To get set up with reporting in simPRO without the hassle, give us a call.

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