3 Ways To Get Staff Using Your Business Software

Written by Modus Operandi

Getting your team up to speed in new software isn’t easy - especially if you’ve got staff who have a tendency to dig their heels in when it comes to change.

The good news is: you’re not alone! At MO, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners and operators upskill their team and get them actually using new business solutions.

Over the years, we’ve come to learn that each team and company is different. So, when it comes to getting everyone onboard with something new, it’s naturally a tough process.

However, in that same time, we’ve also discovered a few key strategies that can unite a team and collectively get them interested in not just learning, but making the most of a new system.

Today, I want to share what we’ve learnt from our years working as business system specialists to help you ensure the software you’ve invested in is being used effectively.

Here’s how you can get your team motivated:

  1. Share the knowledge and benefits that sold you


To get your staff ready to use, and actually interested in, a new solution, they don’t just need to know how to use it...they need to know why it’s even being brought on in the first place.

Share the features that sold you on your new software with your team, and take the time to explain to them how it’s going to make their lives easier before implementation even begins.

Make sure you also schedule as many opportunities as possible to give staff the time and space to not only learn the basics, but see how their own key workflows are improved by the software.

  1. Minimise any opportunity to use old systems or processes


When you bring in a new software system, a critical step is moving all your business’ important data, content and tools into it before you roll it out to staff.

This ensures you avoid a limbo between past and present, where some staff are making the most of a new solution, while others are still using old processes because they can.

To best facilitate a smooth transition, make sure your business data is as organised and accessible as possible. This will mean a quick migration and more time to focus on staff pick up.

  1. Incentivise use of new systems and processes


Rewarding your team for picking up new processes quickly, discovering better uses of new software, and other efforts where they’re making use of your solution can be super motivating.

Whether it’s a gift card to the local cinema, tickets to a sporting event, or something else entirely, your crew are going to respond to an easy opportunity to earn something extra.

This strategy can also be used no matter where you’re at. Even if you’re just starting implementation, or have been using a system for a few years, it can help.

Need help getting your team onboard?


At Modus Operandi, we’re experts in building the bridge between staff and software.

We can help you at every stage of your business’ journey, from implementing and customising software to suit your needs, to upskilling your team in the latest and greatest features.

If you’d like our help getting a new system into your business or educating your staff, give us a call on 1300 446 682 or click here to visit our website.