5 Tips For An Easy And Effective Software Implementation

Written by Modus Operandi

So, you’re finally ready to make the leap into job management software!

Maybe you’ve just signed your contracts, or you’re still in the searching phase, looking for the perfect solution for your business.

No matter where you’re at, one of the most important stages you need to get your business and your team ready for is implementation.

This is the make or break moment for moulding your new system to suit your operations, and vice versa. You need to get new processes flowing smoothly and get your team onboard too!


Lucky for you, we’re here to help. Read on to learn our 5 top tips for implementing software.


     1. Make sure your current processes are well-documented.


This is critical for ensuring minimal downtime while implementing your new solution.

In order to set up new software correctly, you have to be able to identify the features and tools that will enable you to complete operational workflows successfully.

How do I do this? Work with your team to break down and record the steps and stages of their daily to-do lists. Document everything from the business data and tools being used, to the end goal of tasks and any requirements, KPIs or expectations you have.


      2. Get your business data as organised as possible.


One of the biggest jobs when it comes to implementing software is migrating all of your business data into a new digital storage system.

The best way to make this mammoth task run as smoothly and as quickly as possible is to have all your data organised ahead of time.

How do I do this? Chat to your software provider. They can tell you the most effective way to organise your data to make the transfer easy. Best practice, in our experience, has been to have information stored and segmented in an Excel Spreadsheet.


      3. Note down particular features or tools you want to use.

If you’ve selected a software or provider because of certain solutions they promise, make sure to communicate this to your implementation consultant.

These professionals are there to help you set up and use your software effectively, so if there’s something you want to be incorporated into workflows, they need to know.


How do I do this? Write down the features you want to use, and what workflows you think they’ll enhance. Then, schedule a time for your implementation consultant to go over anything new with you and your team.


      4. Set team training sessions up for success.


A difficult part of software implementation is the time and effort it takes to get staff members up to speed. So, you need to set your training up to be successful from the get go.

How do I do this? Make the most of online resources by using them to enhance software training sessions, or even to give your staff a foundation of learning before their first lesson!


      5. Consider hosting ongoing and additional training for employees.


Business owners who continue to upskill staff after the initial implementation of new software see an interesting benefit in the form of more engaged employees.

Staff become excited to learn about new tools or updates to them. They’re more invested in the success of a business and keen to have an input.


How do I do this? Touch base with your software provider to see the availability of trainers.


Alternatively, consider working with affiliated specialists, like the team at Modus Operandi.

Our team of experts are professionals in implementing, maintaining and optimising software systems. You can contact us using the link above or on 1300 446 682!