A Look Back at simPRO Takeoffs Beta

Written by Modus Operandi

Last October, simPRO just released its Takeoffs add-on to the public for free as a beta version. This means until the beta ends on 31 December 2021, you’ll be able to enjoy all the new features -- free of charge! This beta version is the accumulation of countless of coding hours, releases, updates, and improvements to give you an all-in-one software and estimate like a PRO.

In this blog, we will list what simPRO thinks is the most notable feature of simPRO Takeoffs.

look back 01

Seamless Estimating Experiences

New Features and Improvements:
  • Open Takeoffs with one click within jobs or quotes
  • Catalogue favourites 
  • Use attachments as 
  • Improved Take Off Template functionality 
  • Improved search 
  • Consistent quote and job table headings 

If you’ve already been using simPRO, you’ll know that these features will allow you to create takeoffs using your existing prebuilds, catalogue items, Take Off Templates, and cost centres seamlessly. With the handy favourites filter, you can easily view and search for your favourite catalogues.

Estimate Faster and Smarter

New Features and Improvements:
  • Load multi-page plans 
  • Add one-off items to takeoffs 
  • Increase existing volume measurement 
  • Download takeoff versions 
  • Delete counts easily 
  • Create new Takeoffs in fewer steps
  • Access Takeoffs from anywhere

Accuracy, efficiency, and speed now coexist these days. One without the other doesn’t work anymore. When say efficient, we meant that to be able to use the software anywhere. Using simPRO Takeoffs on a tablet, allows you to be agile when estimating.

Making Takeoffs More Intuitive

New Features and Improvements:
  • Unlock takeoffs 
  • Add your own symbol packs 
  • Create takeoffs from a blank canvas 
  • Easily change count, length, area, or volume 
  • Guidelines 
  • Improved summary table 

These features give you more freedom in the way you set up and design your takeoffs. You now have the ability to create a takeoff from scratch and gives you more control.

You Asked, We Listened - BIG Ticket Items

New Features and Improvements:
  • Pin your favourite and commonly used items 
  • Access Takeoffs 
  • Preview plans 
  • Duplicate plans for other cost centres 
  • Improved item picker 
  • Symbol packs 
  • Take Off Templates 
  • As-Builts 
  • Improved scale options 

These updates are all about improving your simPRO experience. This is how simPRO let you know that we listen to your feedback to help us improve and move forward with what the client needs.

Now, these are just some of the notable features of simPRO Takeoffs. Although the beta is finished, simPRO Takeoffs is not yet done in providing you with the best experience that you deserve. Here are some of the things to look forward to with Takeoffs.

  • Create deductions to area and volume 
  • Create cost centres 
  • Double click to finish a line, area, or volume
  • Add a count to a mark 
  • Grid overlay 
  • Arc tool 
  • More symbols 

If you live under a rock and just seeing this now, there’s still time until the beta ends. The first billed month will start on January 2022, where you can still enjoy the 50% discount for 6 months.

Let’s light this candle. Prepare for Takeoffs!