e-Forms: a simPRO feature that can optimize your onsite record- keeping

Written by Modus Operandi
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At MO, we love getting our clients onto the latest and greatest features for digital data capture, and this week’s highlight is no exception.

eForms from simPRO is the cloud-based solution to on-site record-keeping

Everyone’s familiar with the chaotic clutter of documents associated with a job site.

Keeping track of everything, from important documents, to client signatures, to updated quotes and final invoices, is an unthinkable mission.

It used to be something that would completely consume a lot of our clients’ admin teams and staff - until we got them onto eForms, an add-on solution from simPRO.

eForms is a brilliant piece of software that digitises on-site data entry and creates an online portal to store all the information you and your team capture.

How does it work?

eForms is a stand alone solution from job management software provider, simPRO.

It can be used with simPRO software or independently, and is accessed via a tablet or smartphone onsite and desktops in the office.

When linked with a simPRO build, customer information that is already stored in simPRO can be automatically pulled through to fill certain form fields while using eForms onsite.

Once a team member completes a form, it can then be saved and sent to the eForms portal which staff can access via desktop or mobile.

Users can create custom form templates that staff can access onsite. They can include business branding, custom fields depending on the form’s purpose, and signature capture.

The eForms Designer tool, where you can customise the forms your team uses, has a range of features that you can choose to implement, including:

  • Text fields
  • Signature fields
  • Drawing panels
  • Tick boxes
  • Date selectors
  • Time selectors
  • Image uploads

Use cases for tradies and contractors

eForms is a solution that is designed specifically for tradies and contractors to improve data entry workflows within their businesses.

Here are some ways eForms is being put to work by simPRO users around the world:

  1. Creating professional, well-branded forms for data collection.
  2. Enabling quick access to important job, project and customer data.
  3. Customising and personalising forms to suit unique business needs.
  4. Collecting data in new formats (like image capture) to improve record-keeping.
  5. Minimising time spent on data entry through digitisation and auto-fill.
  6. Maintaining well-kept records and proof of compliance and safety standards.
  7. Eliminating unnecessary travel time to return to office to drop off/access paper forms.

Why do I need it?

There are a number of benefits to digitising your data entry and record-keeping processes for on-site data capture - especially when it comes to time and organisation.

Some of the best results we’ve seen from helping businesses introduce and customise the eForms solution are based around record-keeping.

As tradies and contractors, you know that proof of compliance when it comes to industry standards and safety regulations is critical.

eForms is the ultimate solution for this thanks to its customisable form templates and cloud-based storage.

Customisation allows you to create the best forms to suit the processes that your teams follow.

Whether it’s filling out a safety report, recording evidence of completed work, or providing proof of customer consent, you can make a form to ensure every bit of data you need is captured.

And, cloud-based storage options enable you or your staff to quickly and easily access information for proof or confirmation, no matter where they are located.

How do I get it into my business?

This is where MO comes in.

Our team of software experts know the ins and outs of simPRO’s eForms tool. We’ve implemented it in a number of businesses, and have learnt the best use cases.

What we’ll do is take the time to learn all about the role that data entry plays in you and your staff’s day-to-day processes.

Armed with this level of insight, we can then determine which is the best way to set up eForms so that your team can make an easy but effective jump into a new system and structure.

Some of the ways we can set up eForms to help you includes:

  • Creating and customising form templates to suit your workflows
  • Teaching staff how to access eForms and use it to capture data
  • Setting up and organising the eForms Portal for easy access
  • And more!

To get in touch with our team, all you’ve got to do is pick up the phone and dial 07 2102 1455 and let us know you want to eForms into your business.

Alternatively, to learn a little more about who we are, what we do and why we do it, Click here.