Everything you need to know about simPRO Mobile Audit

Written by Modus Operandi

What is a mobile audit?

simPRO functionality allows users to create mobile audits for technicians to utilise whilst on site.

Utilising the mobile application (either Connect or simPRO Mobile – Service), technicians can have access to both pre and post audits. These audits serve as a questionnaire that should be completed before and / or after the job.

What is the purpose of a mobile audit?

To assist both the technicians and administration in capturing required data on site.

How should we utilise a Pre-Audit?

A pre-audit is a fantastic tool to capture your Take 5’s in an electronic format. it allows the technicians to answer a specific set of questions, with setup allowing additional questions based on their answers. Pre-audits are often used alongside e-Forms which capture the more comprehensive safety documents.

Some questions may include:

  1. Is the site safe?
  2. Are you competent and trained to complete the work?
  3. Have you referenced the necessary safety documentation to complete this work safely?


How should we utilise a Post-Audit?

A post-audit often serves as a job completion checklist, ensuring the technicians are leaving site in a safe and tidy manner. Some questions may include:

  1. Have photos been taken?
  2. Have you informed the customer of works completed?
  3. Has the site been left tidy?
  4. Have you collected all of your tools?

What else should we know about Audits?

Additional functionality allows audits to be:

–  Specific to Cost Centre (allowing you to create different audits for different types of work)

–  Mandatory (or not) a

–  Requirement for all employees scheduled, or just one scheduled employee to complete

Note:  simPRO mobile and Connect are interchangeable. When an audit is built in simPRO Enterprise, it will be available in simPRO Mobile – Service and Connect.


* The above information is based on our experience only and does not serve as specific information surrounding your individual safety requirements. We recommend you consult a OHS Consultant for a set of specific and legislative questions.

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