New Updates to Licences for Employees and Contractors

Written by Modus Operandi

In simPRO's latest update they have made some really great changes to the functionality of storing all of your Employees and Contractors licences in simPRO

A large number of clients Modus Operandi have worked with store their employee and contractor licence information outside of simPRO - normally on a drive that can only be accessed by an HR staff member along with all of the person's personal information.

 New Updates to Licences for Employees and Contractors 01

Keeping licence information and copies as attachments in simPRO is a fantastic way to ensure that administration staff can easily access this information when needed. It is often requested when doing works for corporations for example, induction information for certain sites to ensure the technicians attending have completed the relevant safety and induction training.

Previously you could record the licence name in the licence section on the employee/contractor card in simPRO with copies of the document having to be stored in the general attachments section for the individual person.

Now with the new updated functionality in simPRO you can:

Specify the Expiry Alert time for each individual licence (this previously used the system alert time and could not be customised) so you can get more notice on licences that require time to be renewed

Attach a document/image directly to the individual licence – no more searching through the attachments to find copies you are looking for

Set a licence as "critical" - This functionality prevents employees or contractors with an expired licence that is marked as critical from being scheduled to jobs and quotes by hiding them from the available technicians’ lists. (Technicians with expired critical licences can still access and record time on quotes and jobs on simPRO Mobile)

Contractors using the contractor portal can now update their own licence details reducing the administration time to manage contractor licences for your company

You can use the licence section of simPRO to record a wide range of licences and information for your employees and contractors, below is a list of commonly recorded licences for the trades industry:

  • Drivers Licence
  • Asbestos Awareness
  • High-Risk Work (such as forklift / confined spaces / working at heights)
  • Trades Specific (Plumbing / Electrical / ARC)
  • Working with Children
  • Police Check
  • Vaccinations (Flu / Covid 19 etc)
  • Site Inductions
  • Insurance (For Contractors)
  • Construction Card

If you need help to optimise the way you are managing your employees and contractors or any other area of simPRO contact us today for a simPRO Deep Dive where we can ensure you are using simPRO to its full potential.