Our Top 5 Tips on Hosting a Successful Virtual Meeting

Written by Modus Operandi

In today’s modern world, companies worldwide are embracing remote working environments. Businesses are having to consider how to collaborate effectively and build solid working relationships with remote teams through reliable and easy-to-use video platforms such as ‘Teams’ and ‘Zoom’.

With the right planning, these meetings can be just as productive and effective as getting everyone together in the same room. 

 Modus Operandi is here to help you learn the dos and don’ts to ensure your next video meeting is focused and efficient.


1.Prepare your space

Before you enter the video call, ensure you find a quiet environment with limited distractions and make sure your background is clean and work appropriate. An easy way to eliminate any background distractions is to use a virtual background setting.


2. Do a test run

It is a great idea to log into the call a few minutes early and test the software especially if you have never used it before. It is also important to make sure your device is fully charged and you have access to a strong internet connection. Doing this will ensure you are not wasting any valuable meeting time.


3. Mute yourself when not speaking

Even when you are not speaking, most microphones pick-up minor background noises that could easily distract other participants, such as coughs or typing. We recommend muting your audio when you are not speaking, which can be done simply with just the click of a button for most video conferencing software.


4. Invite only the participants who need to be at the meeting

Before sending out invitations to the virtual meeting, be sure to review and limit the list to keep the meeting streamlined. It can be detrimental to the overall quality of the meeting to invite non-essential co-workers who are not needed to participate. Also, just like a real meeting, be sure to introduce all participants at the beginning to stimulate engagement and create a welcoming environment.


5. Choose the right programs

It is important to use the right hardware and software to ensure an effective video meeting. You will need to ensure your software solution is easy to navigate, meaning your employees will not require extensive training. If you are looking for new software solutions, schedule a free consultation with one of our professionals today.

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