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Linking Catalogue Items

A simPRO functionality that is often underutilized, is the ability to Link catalogue items. This is very useful for items that are commonly or frequently used together (for example cable with a PowerPoint or copper with a hot water system).

How To Use simPRO Catalogue

A simPRO Catalogue is a list of items that can be quoted and/or sold. A catalogue item will contain information such as part number, description, trade and cost prices.

Stock - One of the Most Effective simPRO Functions

One of the most underutilized yet most effective functions of simPRO is Stock. As many simPRO users know, simPRO has the ability to record stock levels across multiple Storage Devices as a means of tracking stock count and value, as well as accurately allocate stock to jobs.

How to Reduce Stress with Systems

Being your own boss can not only be exciting and rewarding, it can also be stressful.

As all small business owners know, problems roll uphill and at the end of the day the worries of running a successful business land on your shoulders.

For many small business owners, the pressures of long hours, unpredictable cash flow and the responsibility you feel to your employees can lead to stress, anxiety or depression if not properly managed.

How to care for your health and wellbeing while working remotely

Welcome to October!

October is also Mental Health Month, with October 10 – 17 being World Mental Health Week. This month we encourage you all to think about your mental health and wellbeing, because having good mental health is very important in your everyday lives.

Your simPRO Questions Solved - Live Q&A Recap

On Tuesday September 22nd our CEO Tiffany English and Project Manager Kelly Green hosted our latest complimentary live Q&A “Your simPRO Questions Solved”. This was an open Q&A forum where everyone was welcome to ask us anything simPRO related, from understanding and smoothing out functionality, queries around business workflows and system best practices.

Everyone had the opportunity to discuss the problems that were impacting them, hear what is affecting other businesses and make some positive changes to maximise both the efficiency and productivity of their systems!

Top Tips to Improve Your Office Ergonomics

Take a second to evaluate your body… are you slouched at your work desk right now? We bet you are!

Working with software often means you’ll be spending long hours at your desk. Have you checked your office setup recently to ensure a good sitting position? We all must ensure we look after ourselves in this challenging time so here are our top tips on how to set up your desk for your best work day: 

Your simPRO Questions Solved - Complimentary Live Q&A

We would like to extend an invitation for you to attend Modus Operandi’s FREE Live Event!

This Q&A forum is designed for businesses operating within simPRO. Ask us anything from understanding and smoothing out functionality, queries around business workflows and system best practices. 

Led by our panel of experts; CEO Tiffany English and Project Manager Kelly Green, they will Identify, Discuss and Solve your issues during this time of change and more importantly, opportunity!

The Perfect Tool To Improve The Overall Mental Health Of All Employees

Technology and mental health are two words we don’t often think about concurrently. And yet, if implemented well, automation can significantly improve the mental health of both business owners and employees. More than ever, we have a duty of care to support the mental well-being of our employees – but what is the best way to achieve this?


How To Help Your Employees Adapt To New Technology

In order to remain above your competitors and keep your business moving forwards, businesses must implement new technology to make your workforce more productive and efficient.

Say goodbye to the days of using paper systems for quoting, invoicing and recording details and hello to new technology that can streamline these processes, increase your efficiency and profitability and make your life a whole lot easier. 

EOFY Checklist For All Trades Businesses

The end of financial year can be a very busy and stressful time for most businesses, yet it can also be the most rewarding. We’ve put together a handy EOFY checklist to ensure you get your business and system organised to stay ahead of the game this new financial year. 

Our Top 5 Tips on Hosting a Successful Virtual Meeting

In today’s modern world, companies worldwide are embracing remote working environments. Businesses are having to consider how to collaborate effectively and build solid working relationships with remote teams through reliable and easy-to-use video platforms such as ‘Teams’ and ‘Zoom’.

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