What is Plant & Equipment?

Written by Modus Operandi

simPRO’s Plant and Equipment functionality is to manage company owned assets.

What is the purpose of Plant & Equipment? 

Plant & Equipment allows businesses to maintain a register of all company owned equipment. Further to this, it allowsbusinesses to maintain services and charge out rates, while scheduling to both employees and jobs.  

Common items stored in Plant & Equipment: 

  • Company owned Vehicles 
  • Company owned Tools 
  • Specialized Equipment 

TIP: Utilise Plant & Equipment to list all items the company owns (including vehicles, tools, furniture, office equipment). Come insurance renewal, you can simply download the current asset register for your Broker.

How should we utilise Plant & Equipment? 

Custom Fields:  Record detailed information about the company owned asset (e.g.vehicle) such as models and registration numbers (note: custom fields are best utilised when customised for each Plant & Equipment type). Some examples of Custom Fields are: 

  • Make (text field)  
  • Model (text field) 
  • Date of Purchase (date field) so you can track how long you owned the piece of equipment 
  • Rego # (Text field)
  • Warranty Expiration Date (date field)
  • RACQ (Road Assistance #)

Servicing: If the item needs regularly servicing, simply tick “I wish to service this item”. This will alert you to the next required service and allow you to enter service details. 

Scheduling: If you intend on scheduling the Plant Item to a Quote / Job, simply tick “Schedule this item”. This is most effectively used for items such as Excavators, whereby you are then able to track where the item has been used, where it was last and ensure it is billed to the customer. It also ensures you are not booking the item twice (for example, a CCTV Camera or a Thermal Imaging Device)

Billing: To ensure you on-charge the use of your equipment, tick the box “Bill this item”. Once selected, you will be prompted to enter the Cost Price (the hourly rate to your company) and the Sell Rate (the hourly rate being charged to the customer). 

TIP:  Once this option is selected, you will have the option to add Plant & Equipment to the Quote or Job within the Labour Dropdown. 

Checkout: To ensure you always know the whereabouts of your equipment, simply check it out to the appropriate employee. This is particularly helpful when conducting exit interviews and recovering all items provided (right down to phone charges, or workshop keys). 

Attachments: Here you can store all relevant Plant details, such as purchase or registration documentation. 

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