simPRO + Xero Timesheet Integration: Keeping Everything in Sync

Written by Modus Operandi

Business owners must closely monitor its financial data, specifically its timesheet, to make sure that everything is in order. So, if you’re starting to get stuck with the logistics of invoicing and managing your employee’s payroll, that could be a big problem. Don’t worry! There are now a lot of cloud-based software that can help you get through all this trouble, and one of the best out there is Xero.

xero integration diagram min 

Originated in New Zealand back in 2006, Xero is now a major player in the cloud accounting industry as they lead the cloud accounting markets in New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom, with more than 2 million users worldwide.

This integration with Xero eliminates the tedious manual data entry and mistakes by directly syncing timesheets. With just one click, you can simply export your employee’s hours once the timesheets are ready. When the timesheet is all set up, you can use it to process payroll, calculate employee costs, and create invoices accurately and with ease.

It also automatically calculates accrued leaves, allowing you to calculate multiple payroll types per department or employee, so you never miss a late-night shift or public holiday. This guarantees the timesheets are always accurate.

simPRO has put together a simple checklist to ease up your transition in your financial process.


Complete a Payroll Health Check

We recommend that you reach out to your accountant or bookkeeper in aligning simPRO and Xero workflows. You can also get in touch with one of our partners to carefully plan the changes to make sure your data is set up correctly, after all, this is a major change to your financial processes.

Set up the Xero Timesheet Integration

Adjusting your financial process can be daunting. Therefore, the timesheet feature will be turned off by default to give you time to review the training manual and get your system set up as how you think it best fit your processes.

Aside from the Help Guide, new resources were created by the simPRO Learning and Development team to give you a walkthrough of the setup and its new features.

Use These Three Essential Timesheet Features

A lot of updates were rolled out so it can be easy to miss the really useful ones and as part of the optimisation, we recommend that your staff are aware of, and are using the following features which have been released over past year.

  1. Lock timesheets for payroll – This will ensure your staff do not add new time blocks after timesheets are approved and are being processed by payroll. This eliminates the risk of payments not matching what is recorded in simPRO.
  2. Add time blocks for other staff – This gives the simPRO Mobile users the ability to liaise with the site supervisor or team lead to ensure times are kept up to date for all staff that work alongside them.
  3. Edit the clock on and off time of other employees – This gives authorised staff permission to adjust the time of inaccurate clocked on and off. So that it may reflect the actual hours worked by staff.

Targeted Notifications

SimPRO notification now offers targeted and automated notifications that can reduce interruption, clutter, and confusion by removing generic messages that are blasted out to all your staff. Using date-based triggers, reminder emails, and text messages, notifications can now be sent from payroll to all, or select employees, on specific days of the month.

From invoices through to payments, our integration with Xero can provide more accurate employee data in real-time. It’ll now allow you to process your payroll easily, conveniently, and accurately without all the hassle of tracking down and entering manual timesheets and the mistakes that ensue, for a truly end-to-end operations management solution.