Stock - One of the Most Effective simPRO Functions

Written by Modus Operandi

One of the most underutilized yet most effective functions of simPRO is Stock. As many simPRO users know, simPRO has the ability to record stock levels across multiple Storage Devices as a means of tracking stock count and value, as well as accurately allocate stock to jobs.

While an initial Stocktake can seem daunting and overwhelming, there are numerous negative consequences if this functionality is left to collect dust:


  1. Stock levels will consistently be inaccurate
  2. The Stock Value of all Storage Devices will be unknown
  3. Stock will not be allocated to Jobs
  4. All Profit & Loss Reports will be inaccurate (profits will appear inflated).

While it takes some convincing, once set up, Stock becomes harder NOT to manage in simPRO. The reason is simple – you create a Stock Purchase Order (against the correct Storage Device), the stock is allocated to the job (to accurately reflect margins), the stock levels automatically diminish – leaving you with correct job costs and correct stock levels – simple, right?!

We understand setting up stock is really time consuming (trust us, we’ve done our fair share of stock counts in our time). So, what do we recommend to get started…

  1. Start with Vehicles

           Get all technicians to count their vehicles and provide the accurate stock levels

           ** Important – you must add these stock levels to simPRO almost simultaneously to ensure the stock remains accurate

  1. Ensure Purchase Orders are allocated correctly to the right Storage Device
  2. Count the Yard

          Organise a Sausage Sizzle for the team and put everyone in charge of a section.

** Tip – ensure your catalogue is up to date before counting stock. This will ensure the cost of these items is based on the current cost rate from your suppliers.

Below are some simPRO steps if you need to start from ground zero. Remember – stock allocation is critical to achieve correct reporting!

simPRO Steps:
To ensure that you have the right materials available in your inventory and against your job, “Storage Device” needs to be created in simPRO. It could be:

  1. Default storage device such as a warehouse
  2. Secondary storage devices such as vehicles.

You can stock items to these storage devices through “Stock Adjustment” or “Stock Take”.



  • Allows you to periodically correct stock levels without putting a burden on resources.
  • Meant for corrections.
  • Can be performed on one or several items found to be incorrect, take note of negative or positive variations.

To perform a Stock Adjustment:

  • Go to Materials > Stock Take > Create Stock Take, then select the storage device and click Create.
  • Confirm the Type is a Stock Adjustment.
  • Search for specific items in the storage device, if required.
  • Adjust the Counted Stock quantity of each item to reflect that of your physical stock.
  • Alternatively, enter a Variation quantity, that is, the difference between your Counted Stock and System Stock (stock levels currently recorded in simPRO).



  • End to end process of counting total physical stock
  • Important part of maintaining accurate stock reporting.

To perform a Stock Take:

  • Go to Materials > Stock, then click Options > Stock Take on the storage device.
  • Alternatively, go to Materials > Stock Takes > Create Stock Take, then select the storage device and click Create
  • Ensure you change the Type to Stock Take

         ** WARNING – this will remove all inventory sitting in the current Storage Device

         **TIP: In performing stock adjustments or stock takes, it is important that your catalogue pricing is up to date to accurately cost materials into jobs.

If you are after any help with your Stock, our knowledgeable staff are happy to help. Please feel free to contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.