The Perfect Tool To Improve The Overall Mental Health Of All Employees

Written by Modus Operandi

Technology and mental health are two words we don’t often think about concurrently. And yet, if implemented well, automation can significantly improve the mental health of both business owners and employees. More than ever, we have a duty of care to support the mental well-being of our employees – but what is the best way to achieve this?



Perhaps your staff are spending too much of their day sorting through paperwork. Maybe you’re spending your evenings tearing your hair out over spreadsheets, or endlessly following up invoices and timesheets. The reality is, such work-related stress has the potential to produce real long-term mental health issues. Productivity falls; staff turnover increases; the possibilities for growth and success for your organisation shrink. What started as just a little extra paperwork every now and then fast turns into a big problem.


If your team are spending too much of their time double handling and correcting errors on completed tasks that could have been performed automatically, they’ll never be able to devote their time to the work that matters most. Your vision for growth becomes buried under paperwork and process.


Optimising your systems allows your organisation and your employees to operate more efficiently. It will automate your business processes to save time, minimise errors and most importantly, ease the overall stress of your employees. From helping you schedule your team, to keeping track of quotes and invoices, implementing the right software and automating your processes will reduce the time spent on administrative tasks – supporting you and your team to feel on top of the workload, and consequently improving overall mental health.


The process of implementing a job management software doesn’t need to be difficult. If done effectively, it gives your team ownership over the new system; a sense of belonging; the commitment to a common goal; and shows them that you are truly invested in them and their well-being. Your new operational system provides the opportunity to enhance the psychological health of your employees by streamlining the workload and allowing you and your team to focus your energy on achieving business success. Momentum builds as your team transforms into a well-oiled machine; being less weighed down by the small stuff means that you can focus on that brighter bigger picture.


This is where Modus Operandi can help, supporting you every step of the way. With extensive trades and industry experience, we individually assess your business to find and recommend the best job management software to suit your specific business needs. For more information on how we can help, you can book a free consultation here: