Top Tips to Improve Your Office Ergonomics

Take a second to evaluate your body… are you slouched at your work desk right now? We bet you are!

Working with software often means you’ll be spending long hours at your desk. Have you checked your office setup recently to ensure a good sitting position? We all must ensure we look after ourselves in this challenging time so here are our top tips on how to set up your desk for your best work day: 


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Our Top Tips:

  1. Shoulders relaxed and symmetrical
  2. Head not arched backwards or chin not extended forwards
  3. Elbows close to side of the body
  4. Forearms can be fully supported if not touch typing
  5. Wrists in a straight line and not lifted too high
  6. Hips slightly higher than or level with knees
  7. Thighs not making contact with the under-surface of desk
  8. Feet flat on the floor or footrest (not dangling)






So… now that you have your workstation set up correctly and you’re all ready to work, why not register to join our complimentary live webinar?!

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