Upskilling: A Must Have for SMEs

Written by Jewelson Solis

What is upskilling? To simply put it, it is to provide your employee with more advanced skills through training. But what is the difference between upskilling and training? Unlike training, upskilling is a continuous program to help employees develop additional skills so that they are ready to step into new and better jobs across a wider range of areas.

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Upskilling employees have become a thread for SMEs, especially in this digital age. While technology creates powerful business opportunities for SMEs, it also creates skills gaps, particularly in the construction industry as keeping up with technological advancement has become a challenge. That’s why upskilling has become the new ‘must have’ for SMEs and their employees.

Here’s how the organization and employees can benefit from upskilling.

Retaining Your Employee

You may find that the recruitment of new employees is expensive. A study shows that the cost of replacing an individual employee can cost you twice the employee's annual salary.

Employees that continuously develop their skills and are challenged at work are the happiest within the work environment. It shows that you care about their careers and the futures of your employees. No one wants to work at a company that doesn’t invest enough in career development.

Boosting Morale

As they develop new skill sets, it also helps them realise an opportunity for career advancement. Knowing that they’re working toward something that will better their lives creates a deeper sense of purpose that can motivate them and may create healthy competition in the workplace.

Customer Satisfaction

When an employee is happy with their job, they also do better at work. It allows them to provide a better insight to the clients and be able to think outside the box. As the saying goes “Happy employees lead to happy customers”.

Acquiring New Talent

It is difficult for SMEs to recruit new talents as you may not be able to offer the salary and the benefits that they wanted.  However, happy and satisfied employees, with a sense of purpose are likely to recommend your organization to their friends and their friend’s friend, that it will become “word-of-mouth” advertising.

Upskilling is a small investment compared to hiring and training a new one. As you upskill your employees, you create a more well-rounded workforce that increases your team’s productivity that’s very valuable, especially for SMEs with less than 50 employees.

If you are having trouble finding ways to find time in adding upskilling opportunities, you may invest in services that can provide your team with the bandwidth to take on professional development.

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