Why A simPRO Health Check Should Be On Your To-Do List

Written by Modus Operandi

Whether you’ve been using simPRO for six months or six years, you can and will always benefit from finding the time to pop the hood and take a look at the health of your system.

Most business owners will implement new software and, once they’re satisfied with the set-up, never really address it’s health again...until unexpected problems start popping up.

What’s the point of a ‘health check’? What does it even mean?


This process can be as thorough, or as simple as you want it to be. For some business owners, a health check is simply about addressing any software issues they’ve encountered.

For the team at MO, however, our health check takes a deep dive into the functionality and foundations of your system.

Our specialists will review how your simPRO build is set up, and how it is being used in your business, to ensure that it is optimised and matches features with functionality correctly.

We go so far as to rate each setting and functionality in your build on a scale of Poor to Healthy, while making concise notes on recommendations for further optimisations to be made.


Here’s why a simPRO Health Check is important for the future of your business

Identifying any issues early is vital when it comes to ensuring the effectiveness of your software as a job management solution for your business.

Some of the issues a simPRO Health Check can highlight include:

  • Poor system setup
  • Staff not following process
  • Important features being underutilised
  • Incorrect use of solutions in the office or on site
  • Workflows needing optimisation due to ineffective design

Without regular reviews of the efficiency of your software, and how well it is being used in your business, you run the risk of multiple problems starting to appear, like:

  • Incorrect information stored on jobs, projects, assets or customers
  • Unsatisfied customers, frustrated with your team and business
  • A growing margin of error in the performance of staff or assets
  • Inefficient, slow, heavy workflows dragging down employees
  • Incomplete jobs, project delays and other timely issues

Not experiencing any of the issues we’ve mentioned? Still get a simPRO Health Check.


Even if your operations are running smoothly, and you’re seeing your business go from strength to strength, a health check can still benefit you and your team.

Beyond resolving hidden issues before they’ve had a chance to truly impact your operations, a health check can also measure the effectiveness of how you’re currently using your software.

A lot of business owners and operators that are new to job management solutions only end up using 38% of the functionality they have available at their fingertips on average.

We’ve even seen some users develop...let’s call them ‘unique’ workflows that use different simPRO tools and features in ways even we didn’t expect to be able to!

The point is that a health check isn’t just about getting your system back to 100%, it’s also about seeing how much farther that 100% can go within your daily operational workflows.


Reckon it’s time for a tune up? Grab your phone and give us a call.


Our team at Modus Operandi are specialists in all things simPRO, we’d be happy to explain how our health check process works, and what we can offer your business and your software.

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