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Modus Operandi is committed to identifying, streamlining and transforming businesses. Offering a complete business improvement, we use the systematic and disciplined approach of business process re-engineering. Using techniques and methodologies, we work with businesses to align their processes with their current and future strategies, leading to maximised productivity, increased efficiencies and decreased waste. While there are a number of techniques and strategies used in business process re-engineering, the simple reality is we identify your current modus operandi and establish the right systems, processes and procedures to streamline and simplify your business.


Observe and analyse the ways, habits and methods in which your business operates. Identify the key operational areas where your business can improve.


Implement the right systems, processes and procedures that will streamline and simplify your operation. All focused on increasing efficiency, maximising productivity and decreasing waste


Watch a complete transformation as we unlock your potential to generate powerful results

Initial Consult

Identify the Need for Change

The reality is business processes are rarely as efficient as they could be. With the ever-changing environments and the lack of time, most businesses simply don’t re-evaluate their processes. This is where it starts with you… Once you’ve identified the potential for growth and the ever-growing need for continuous improvement, you’re ready for Modus Operandi. Our initial consult will give us time to discuss your business, your position, your current processes and methodologies and of course your strategic direction.

Find your MO

Identify your ‘AS IS’ Modus Operandi

After our initial consult, we spend time in your business. By observing, analysing and reporting on the ways, habits and methods in which your business operates, we work to identify your current modus operandi. Depending on the size and turnover of your business, this internal workshop could take as little as 4 hours, or as long as 4 days. The purpose of this workshop is to develop an ‘AS IS’ strategic view of your business architecture. We spend time in each division and with each employee to understand and establish the complete A – Z process map of your business – that is from the time the customer identifies your brand, right through to their final payment after receipt of the good or service. The main goal of business process re-engineering and Finding your MO is to:

Maximise Productivity – How can we create a better product of service with the same input of resources? What process steps are negatively influencing the end product?

Increase Efficiencies – How can the current process become faster and more efficient? How can the process be streamlined to work more effectively and efficiently for both the business and employees?

Decreased Waste – What steps within the complete process are unnecessary or avoidable? How can the team be better utilised and waste less time?

Once we’ve established your current modus operandi and developed the AS IS strategic view, we’re ready to create the ‘TO BE’ process model.

Unlock Potential

Identify your ‘TO BE’ Modus Operandi

Once we’ve established the AS IS Modus Operandi, the strategic goals of the business and identified the inefficiencies and waste, we recommend bespoke solutions for your unique needs. With the implementation of systems, processes and procedures, Modus Operandi works tirelessly to streamline, simplify and transform your business. We realise all businesses react differently to change and because of this, our recommendations are extremely unique to your organisation. With the support of senior management, we offer a number of solutions all developed to unlock your potential.