Written by Raquel Saludaga


PCMD is a leading project and cost management software built for the contracting and engineering industry. Designed to increase financial visibility and profitability with real-time workflow management and cost tracking. Built in the industry, for the industry, PCMD has over 30 years of real project management experience. With a focus on ensuring costs are tracked as they occur, instead of relying on your accounting package to keep up, PCMD offers state of the art reporting allowing you to better manage future projects and of course profitability.

PCMD offers a range of features to properly manage civil and commercial construction businesses:

  • Manage budgets and forecasting
  • Track project costs as they occur
  • Catalogue historical costs per unit for accurate future estimating
  • Create powerful knowlesge base after debriefing every project
  • Manage resources and upcoming requirements
  • Retrieve up to date project profitability and cost at completion metrics
  • Integrations with industry-leading accounting packages


 Our partnership with PCMD has enabled us to provide a greater understanding of your industry, what is driving best practice and how to best equip you and your team to handle your day to day operations.


An in-depth review of your PCMD Build and your business processes to provide a detailed analysis and recommendations report moving forward.


Ongoing system updates and improvements ensuring the system continues to meet your business needs. Click here to learn more about our maintenance solutions.


Design and develop business specific workflows capturing each PCMD task with links to detailed instructions to match your business process