System Maintenance

Now your system is up and running, we have no doubt the maintenance of your system is just important to you as the original setup. Like anything, ongoing maintenance, testing and iterative improvements will not only protect your investment, but ensure you won’t have to do another major ground-up design of your system.

Our monthly system retainer helps you stay on top of your business, without worrying about your data. With packages tailored to your business and staff needs, we offer the following ongoing support:

New Staff Training

Let us train your new staff with your specific process so you don’t have to.

Overhead Cost Calculator

Regularly update your employee rates and overhead costs ensuring your data is always accurate.

Supplier Catalogue Imports & Updates

Out of date supplier pricing is no good for anyone, we will keep them current ensuring your quoting the right price every time.

Monthly Health Checks & System Clean-ups

Our Monthly Health Checks ensure the data is being entered and the system is being used as originally intended. Staying on top of this ensures it never falls out of hand.

Quarterly and Report Review

Let us show you your key metrics, what’s working & what’s not in your business. We’ll explain your reports ensuring you not only understand the figures but can make savvy business decisions moving forward.

Ad-Hoc System Work & Setup

We’re here when you need us – i.e. customer, site, asset setup, new forms, new workflows, new quote forms etc.