System Optimisation

Are you using your job management system as well as you could? Is your system effectiveness higher than 30%? The chances are unlikely – like any new system, the initial implementation is overwhelming, time-consuming and just downright difficult. Now that you understand the basic navigation, there’s no better time to review your business processes against your system use.

  • Has the system been built to suit you and your business?
  • Are your staff using it as quickly and efficiently as they could be?
  • Have you streamlined and automated every process possible?

  • Now that you know there’s more you can do, there’s no better time to action. Working differently to a software trainer, we actually reverse engineer – identify your exact business requirements before we build the system to suit your needs.

    How do we work – we would first conduct a Deep Dive and Strategy Session (1.5 Hours)

    The purpose of this workshop is to identify, analyse and examine your business processes. We will master:
  • How your business currently operate
  • How the business currently utilises your job management software (and other processes / systems) including the identification of your pain points
  • The overall goals of your business moving forward – including how you would like to utilise your job management software
  • How we can maximise the software’s functionality.

  • Upon completion of the Deep Dive and Strategy Session, we prepare a detailed analysis report with our recommendations moving forward, including a proposal for the works required and after implementation support.