New Updates to Licences for Employees and Contractors

In simPRO's latest update they have made some really great changes to the functionality of storing all of your Employees and Contractors licences in simPRO

A large number of clients Modus Operandi have worked with store their employee and contractor licence information outside of simPRO - normally on a drive that can only be accessed by an HR staff member along with all of the person's personal information.

A Look Back at simPRO Takeoffs Beta

Last October, simPRO just released its Takeoffs add-on to the public for free as a beta version. This means until the beta ends on 31 December 2021, you’ll be able to enjoy all the new features -- free of charge! This beta version is the accumulation of countless of coding hours, releases, updates, and improvements to give you an all-in-one software and estimate like a PRO.

In this blog, we will list what simPRO thinks is the most notable feature of simPRO Takeoffs.

simPRO + Xero Timesheet Integration: Keeping Everything in Sync

Business owners must closely monitor its financial data, specifically its timesheet, to make sure that everything is in order. So, if you’re starting to get stuck with the logistics of invoicing and managing your employee’s payroll, that could be a big problem. Don’t worry! There are now a lot of cloud-based software that can help you get through all this trouble, and one of the best out there is Xero.

Upskilling: A Must Have for SMEs

What is upskilling? To simply put it, it is to provide your employee with more advanced skills through training. But what is the difference between upskilling and training? Unlike training, upskilling is a continuous program to help employees develop additional skills so that they are ready to step into new and better jobs across a wider range of areas.

Optimising your job management software with 3 easy steps

 System optimisation is a critical and regular maintenance process that helps you ensure business tools, like your job management software, stay up to date and effective.

And no, we’re not just talking about making sure you’ve installed the latest update, we’re talking about cutting out irrelevant data or tools, reviewing workflows, seeking feedback and a lot more.

Data sets to monitor using your job management software

 Data is one of the best business assets for tradies and contractors, and job management software makes it so easy to access...but how do you know what to watch?

As experts in ensuring software solutions are made to suit businesses (and not the other way around!), we’re firm believers in making sure our clients know what’s worth their time.

3 Ways To Get Staff Using Your Business Software

Getting your team up to speed in new software isn’t easy - especially if you’ve got staff who have a tendency to dig their heels in when it comes to change.

The good news is: you’re not alone! At MO, we’ve helped hundreds of business owners and operators upskill their team and get them actually using new business solutions.

3 Different Ways Tradies Can Upsell Using simPRO Software

When it comes to upselling, we know most of the business owners and operators we work with tend to recoil away from the very mention of the word.

After all, tradies and contractors are known for being upfront and honest with their customers, so why would they invest their time into a sales tactic that cheapens their appearance?

3 simPRO Reports To Use In Performance Reviews

Performance reviews in the trades can be tough, unless you’re armed with data to help you identify pain points and work on solutions.

This is where having a job management software, like simPRO, comes in handy. Well-designed systems like these offer a range of reports to help you break down the work ethic of your team.

Why A simPRO Health Check Should Be On Your To-Do List

Whether you’ve been using simPRO for six months or six years, you can and will always benefit from finding the time to pop the hood and take a look at the health of your system.

Most business owners will implement new software and, once they’re satisfied with the set-up, never really address it’s health again...until unexpected problems start popping up.

What’s the point of a ‘health check’? What does it even mean?

5 Tips For An Easy And Effective Software Implementation

So, you’re finally ready to make the leap into job management software!

Maybe you’ve just signed your contracts, or you’re still in the searching phase, looking for the perfect solution for your business.

No matter where you’re at, one of the most important stages you need to get your business and your team ready for is implementation.

This strategy will improve your ROI when it comes to software

As much as we’d like to believe otherwise, software solutions don’t just fly off the shelves and into our businesses with little resistance.

Software maintenance, however, can help you ensure you’re using your system as effectively as possible, and continually improve on timeliness, ROI, and more.

All you need to know about creating quotes in simPRO

Today, I want to break down simPRO’s quoting feature to ensure all users are making the most of this invaluable part of the software!

Below, I’ve created a mini guide to quoting in simPRO. It’s perfect for beginners who are just introducing themselves to the software and its main features.

simPRO Connect vs simPRO Mobile

Here is a summary of the webinar we ran today, to highlight the differences between the 2 applications so that you can make an informed decision as to what is the best option for your business. If you missed out on the webinar, you can read a summary of the content below or you can also watch the recording (available via our events page).

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