Simpro eForms

Digitise your paper forms for use in the field.

eForms is a Simpro Add On that gives you the ability to take a form (paper or digital) and create a user friendly form to be completed in the field. 

We can design from scratch or take an existing form and build it in eForms for you. Then we can assist with training and roll out to your team. 

Modus Operandi – we help your business get the most from your Simpro Software

What else can we do with Simpro?

Are you using Simpro, but not to it’s full potential? You need a Simpro Deep Dive.


For those clients who have been using Simpro, but would like some guidance on how to use it more effectively.  Our team will review your system setup, meet with the key players in your team to understand your current workflows and processes and then provide you with an Analysis & Recommendations Report to highlight the strengths and gaps of your current system, as well as provide Recommendations for you to get the most out of the software moving forward. 

Using Simpro’s form builder functionality we can build fully customised Quote, Job, Asset & Invoice forms. These professional looking forms match your company’s branding as well as ensuring you’re displaying your forms exactly the way you need it. Click here for examples and information.

Simpro BI Reporting gives you the ability to build custom reports. With the ability to ask questions, create dashboards and visualise data with graphs and charts, your business will have data like it never has before. Click here to see some examples of BI Reporting.

One of the most critical maintenance solutions we offer, is helping you to ensure your supplier pricelists are up-to-date and accurate. Inaccurate pricing can create wrongly quoted works and smaller margins. If you need your catalogue reviewed or updated contact us today.

eForms give you the ability to completely digitise your paper forms. Modus Operandi will work with you to redesign and or build your paper forms into eForms before rolling it out to your team.

To ensure your job costs and margins remain accurate, it is pivotal that the overhead costs are updated regularly. We generally recommend this is done every 3 – 6 months or when any significant changes happen internally (i.e. change in wages or overhead costs). We can help you populate and calculate your data to provide you with up to date overhead recovery rates.

If you’re new to Simpro or new to certain areas of functionality, it’s likely there is external data that you now need in Simpro. We’re here to help. From customers, suppliers and sites right through to customer assets, job history or plant & equipment, we can ensure Simpro is setup the way you need it.

how can we help you?

Contact us at the Consulting WP office nearest to you or submit a business inquiry online.

We highly recommend Modus Operandi for their expertise in SimPRO processes and job management optimization. Their exceptional support and assistance has significantly enhanced our workflow. Their solutions have simplified and improved our job management processes, ensuring we get the most out of our software. Their deep understanding of our business needs is evident in their thorough workflow reviews. The working relationship we’ve cultivated is outstanding, and we look forward to continuing our collaboration with this skilled and knowledgeable team. Their friendly and enjoyable approach makes every interaction a positive experience.
Thank you Kelly & the team at Modus, you have consistently filed the gaps in our training and understanding of the SimPRO system, and it has been an integral part to our growth and efficiency.

Nicola – Constellation Services
Constellation Services

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