Neptalie Viadas Project Administrator

Areas of Expertise
  • Simpro (including Assets & Maintenance Planner)
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Simpro Form Builder
  • Simpro BI Reporting
  • PCMD Software
  • 2 Years at Modus Operandi
  • 4 Years Simpro Experience
  • Data & Reporting

Nep is a highly skilled and experienced project analyst with a strong passion for data and reporting. With meticulous attention to detail, Nep excels in understanding the unique requirements and objectives of clients and businesses.  

With several years of experience in data migration, excel proficiency, form building, and asset management, Nep possesses a comprehensive skill set to effectively manage and analyze data for insightful reporting. Diligent and dedicated, Nep ensures that accurate and relevant information is captured, organized, and presented in a clear and meaningful manner to drive informed decision-making and optimize business processes.  

Modus Operandi produces results that are actually tailored to the individual business, that is where they differ from other consultancies and software trainers. 


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